Publications in the Works!

General idea of each publication currently in the planning stage.

VI Performance Magazine:

Vancouver Island’s admiration of machines & human ability

Classic cars, hot rods & motorcycles, rat rods & bikes, 4x4's, oval track, drag & off-road racing, motocross, extreme sports and more! See past issues here:

Dare2Dream - Celebrating human ability 

Rock climbers, extreme mountain bikers, wind surfers, skydivers, dirtbikers, quadders, off-roading, rock crawlers, moto-x thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, adventure seekers, gassers, off-road racing, drag racing, oval track racing, etc.

Dream Machines - Admiration of machines & those who’ve built them

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, trains, work vehicles, battle vehicles, hotrods, classic cars, street rods, work equipment, fighter jets, battleships, etc.

CANSEA - Connection • Animals • Nature • Science • Exploration • Adventure

Connection: Encouraging & Inspiring stories, highlighting various ways in which humans really connect.

Animals & Nature: Indigenous wildlife, whale watching, pets, farm animals, animal therapy, natural beauty (mountains, rivers, ocean, etc.)

Science: Research – Local research in British Columbia

Exploration & Adventure: Backroad Maps, hiking adventures, road Trips, spelunking, dirtbiking/quadding scenic trips, tree-go, zip lines, surfing, boating, sailing, kayaking, climbing, 

Blooming Artists - Highlighting artistic talent 

Artists, painters, sketch/charcoal, medieval reenactment fighters, designers, fabricators, sculptures, photographers, authors, poets, song writers, music composers, musicians, architecture, dancers, gymnasts, actors, script writers, costume designers, stage design, prop creation, music festivals, concerts, designers, etc.

Pass it on - Kids, Youth, Adults, Elders & Industry sharing history, present and ideas for future.

Bare Humans – Social Experiment

A challenge of sorts that we encourage input, feedback, and participation in to share in the lives of others. We will be attempting to publish life stories without including defining characteristics such as income level, what types of body parts they have, skin color, eye color, hair color, body shape/size, etc to see if it is possible to interact socially according to the ways that various groups of people are fighting for. This is a curious experiment where the results cannot be predicted, but we look forward to the outcome.